Pastor Daina is now teaching a class for women called "Live Free" at The Church on the Way. A 12-week class that meets on Tuesday evenings 7 pm to 9 pm. The 2017 class is now closed, but will be offered again next year.  Call Women's Ministries now to reserve a spot in the fall of 2018. (818)779-8000

Do you sometimes feel hemmed in by the world, the flesh and the devil to the point that you wonder if your Christianity is worth anything? Do you sometimes fear you will never be all God called you to be? Do you long to get on with your Christian maturity and experience the freedom God's word promises? This class will answer those questions and more. It will teach you how to "LIVE FREE." by changing your perception of who you are in Christ, and at the same time equip you with life changing principles. 

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