About Daina House

Former Actress and Playboy Centerfold Daina House is a gifted Prophetic and Prayer Minister.  She speaks in churches as well as the media.  Her compelling testimony of life in the entertainment industry among the rich and famous is living proof of the power of God to overcome any obstacle, and bring one to salvation. 

Daina is truly an inspiration to every audience, as she is bold not only to speak the truth of the Gospel, but to move in the Spirit as the Lord anoints her with words of knowledge and prophecy.     

Daina's heart is to bring hope to the hopeless.  She says, “A great deal of men and women walk in shame, unworthiness, abandonment and rejection because of past experiences.  Daina boldly yet sensitively addresses these issues and makes it a point to offer prayers of love, compassion and mercy in every meeting.  She says, "Your past and your future do not live at the same time, until your past is over, your future will never come alive!"  No one knows this better than Daina herself.  She never dreamed that God would use her for His glory in spite of her past... 


Daina has been involved in many ministries over the past 18 years such as World Team Missions, WOW Jams Street Ministry for Stephen & Linda Tavani, children's ministries,  the homeless, and as a platform worship singer just to name a few.  She is occasionally called upon as actor/producer for the media ministry "The InterSEEDding Ensemble".  Daina has appeared on "The 700 Club," "Faith Under Fire" & numerous television & radio programs, she has also been featured in Charisma Magazine.  She is often asked to speak at Women's Retreats, Churches, Conferences and Celebrity Bible studies.  Daina was honored to minister at Smokey Robinson’s birthday party where she shared her inspirational and powerful testimony.  She was Chief Financial Officer and Co-Producer for "Sonset Ministries,"  putting up Tent Revivals in Hollywood; and she served on the Board of Directors for "Safe Passage," a home for abused women and their children.  A single mom herself, Daina led Precious Moments, a Single Mom's Ministry, at The Church on the Way for seven years.  She has been the Prayer Pastor for TCOTW Radio and Livestream, and a "Branch Leader" for TCOTW Small Groups.  She also taught a class called "LIVE FREE", teaching women how to walk in the freedom of Christ.

Daina is a graduate of King’s University (formerly the King's College and Seminary) and a licensed, ordained minister of the Foursquare Church.  She was an Elder at The Church on the Way in Van Nuys, California, but now resides in her homwtown of Houston, Texas. 

Sonset Ministries/ Hollywood Tent

... Like Copley, the other women -- Daina House,
DeLynn Buonvicino, Angelika Holzapfel  and Ramona Jones
 -- all belong to the Church on the Way, a gospel fellowship ... 

Daina House featured in Charisma Magazine 


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                                                      Col. 1:3